About Us

This pioneering group was established in 2004 at the point of time when there was need for enhancing India's telecommunication & ICT sector and its contributions needed to be projected in the public eye with the objective of bestowing socio-economic benefits to the consumer and technological advancements reaching the end - user namely the citizen. The Think Tank’s deliberations are on technological, social and related issues aimed at national / global benefits. Several inputs have been accepted and implemented on by concerned authorities.

Core Members of this group are seasoned administrators and independent professionals – who have held or are holding senior positions in private and public sector - working for the benefit and enhancement of the Nation.

The Mission of the Think Tank.

  • To encourage individuals to think of Innovative ways and means which would lead towards building the India of our dreams.
  • To project the direct and indirect styles in which telecom and information- communication technology (ICT) ought to contribute towards this objective.
  • To provide a platform for balanced and objective deliberation on aspects pertaining to ICT so that it keeps abreast of the global arena with the cooperation of an international and national network of partners.