The Think Tank’s deliberations are on technological, social and related issues aimed at national / global benefits. Several inputs have been accepted and implemented on by concerned authorities.

  • Extending telecommunication facilities to rural areas
  • Health hazards of telecom radiations in certain frequency ranges
  • Establishing testing facilities for equipment deployed in India
  • Establishing Federal Communications Network for Government
  • Establishing ‘Digital India’
  • Employment of nano-technology equipment in off-grid fashion in rural areas
  • Preferential market access for indigenous equipment
  • Data localization within India
  • Sovereign control on internet over Indian soil
  • Digitalisation of TV and sound broadcasting
  • Satellite Communication Bill
  • Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Privacy Bill
"in Pipeline"
  • Standardisation of Surveillance Systems
  • Blockchain technology and environment – pros and cons
  • Freeing of some more spectrum bands for citizen use
  • Ethics of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (like drones)
  • Privacy as Fundamental Right to be introduced in Constitution of India